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ZZP Slingshot Turbo Upgrade

ZZPerformance is proud to release it’s first direct bolt on turbo upgrade for our Polaris Slingshot Turbo Kit.   We have been beta testing this turbo for the last year and now it is finally ready for the mainstream. The TiAL Xona Rotor XR5457S is for anyone that is serious about making big power numbers or anyone that spares no expense when building their dream machine.  The XR5457S is a dual ceramic ball bearing turbo which uses the new X2C compressor housing and moves from a standard 9 blade traditional design to a new 10 blade, 5/5 blade exducer design.  The center section is made from billet aluminum to keep the weight down. This turbo moves an impressive 54lb/min and is capable of supporting over 500whp (on a Mustang Dyno) and uses a .63A/R which translates into not sacrificing spool time for big power.

Component Details:

  • Compressor Wheel: 54lbs/min
  • Compressor Wheel Diameter: 51.5mm Inducer/71mm Exducer
  • X2C Compressor Housing
  • Horsepower Applications: 300whp-570whp
  • Turbine Wheel: 62/57mm


Currently with this being a high horsepower application turbo, your slingshot will need to come to ZZP for install and dyno tuning.  For any additional information, email