ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit
ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit
ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit
ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit
ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit

ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit

ZZP Slingshot Wilwood Front Brake Kit

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ZZPerformance offers brake upgrades for every market we support, and we now have the best kit on the market for your Polaris Slingshot.  The stock braking system on the Slingshot has quite a few shortcomings so when designing this kit we knew we had a few boxes to check. 

  • It needs to fit under the stock wheels 
  • Performance needs to greatly exceed the stock brakes 
  • It must be affordable 

The stock brakes are very underwhelming straight from Polaris due to their small caliper piston size in the front, and then when combined with a pad compound that requires more heat than most owners will put into their brakes the braking does not induce confidence. 

We did not want to use a 6 piston caliper for a few reasons. One, they’re large and usually don’t fit under the stock 18” wheels. Two, with how lightweight the Slingshot is, there is no scenario where you would NEED a 6 piston caliper. Lastly, 6 piston calipers require a lot of fluid volume to be effective.  The master cylinder on the Slingshot is small and cannot move enough volume to effectively work a 6 piston caliper.  Some people have actually gotten worse performance going to a 6 piston caliper because of this. 

Working with Wilwood directly, we selected a 4 piston caliper that compliments the Slingshot and works well with its master cylinder.  We opted to pair them with our ZZP slotted rotors which we modify to work with these calipers and Wilwood's BP-10 high performance street/track pads.  These pads offer great bite from cold and great stopping power while also having a very low dust factor.  With this kit you do not need to upgrade the rear caliper but we do recommend upgrading the rear pads to Hawk pads to achieve maximum stopping ability if you have not already done so. 

Kit includes the following: 

  • 1 pair Wilwood 4 piston brake calipers 
  • 1 set Wilwood BP-10 brake pads 
  • All mounting hardware required for install 

HOW TO ORDER: We now have two options when ordering. FRONT KIT ONLY means that you will receive two front rotors, two calipers, pads and hardware. INCLUDE REAR ROTOR AND PADS will include everything in the front kit as well as a new matching slotted rear rotor and pads for your stock rear caliper. 

Note: We HIGHLY recommend our ZZP master cylinder brace for any and all Slingshots. It greatly reduces the flex that the stock master cylinder sees from the thin metal it is mounted to. It can be purchased here

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