ZZP Stage 1 Kit for ATS-V

ZZP Stage 1 Kit for ATS-V

ZZP Stage 1 Kit for ATS-V

How to Complete Tune
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This is a proven package for your '16-18 ATSV that includes the most common upgrades to make over 500whp in street trim (mostly depending on fuel).  These 3 mods will make your car one of the quickest cars around.

The CAI allows cooler air into the turbos, cooler air means the air is more dense which equals more power. 

The Downpipes allow the hot exhaust gas to escape freely so the engine can move more air and fuel for more power. 

Then finally the tune adjusts fueling, timing, boost, torque management, shift points, injection timing, coolant temps for more power.  These are the biggest bangs for the buck for the LF4 engine.

It includes:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Downpipes
  • Tune

How to order your Stage 1 kit:

Year/Trans: Pretty simple, select your year and what transmission you have.

How to Complete Tune: There are a couple options here...  #1 We can send you a programming interface and cable which we supply with instructions.  It will allow you to read your stock file, email it to us for modification, then you upload the modified tune on your ECU and send us a scan, then if additional tweaks are needed, we can modify the file again to perfect it.  When tuning is done, you can return the interface/laptop, and you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit).  Since you are keeping your stock PCM core, this will retain your remote start feature (if you have this option).  Additionally a Windows based laptop is required. you can use your own or borrow one from us. The advantage of using ours is that it is pre-configured with scanning software and tools to help us assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements.  If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine. That core charge in that case will not be refunded. Core charges are based on 10 days and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods. After 30 days, core charges convert to purchases.  #2 You can drive in for an in person flash.  #3 If you already have HPTuners, you can read your file and email it to us for modification.  It is cheaper because you will be covering the costs of the HPT credits required to flash your car.  HPTuners interface comes with the appropriate amount of credits needed for your vehicle. 

Note: People with '17+ automatics, will have to ship their TCM to HPTuners (additional $200 cost) to have them unlock it before we can make adjustments to the shift points, firmness, and lock up tables that we adjust which are included in the tune.

Note: Prepaid return labels for interface/laptop rentals are only included with domestic shipments.

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

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