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ZZP LSJ Stage 2 Kit

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Inventory levels of available PCM cores changes constantly, and we are often low/out of certain year cores. If you are rushed please email Tyler.V@zzperformance.com or Alan.M@zzperformance.com before ordering with a refundable core option. 

ZZPerformance makes upgrading your supercharged '05-07 Cobalt SS or '04+ Ion Redline simple with our dyno proven Stage 2 kit.  This Stage 2 is designed with performance and reliability in mind, it comes with the appropriate supporting mods to change your supercharger pulley for more power.  The PCM commands a flat AF ratio and drops timing slightly with decreases in pulley size.   


  • ZZP modular pulley hub with screws and breather barb 
  • ZZP modular aluminum pulley in the size you selected 
  • ECU with our programming on it (if selected) 
  • (4) NGK 4644 Spark Plugs (.035 gap) 
  • (4) 60# Siemens Injectors in a custom case with di-electric grease 
  • Injector adapter harness
  • GM belt  OR  OS tensioner pulley  OR  ZZP adjustable tensioner 
  • Instructions for individual parts 

 How to order your Stage kit: 

Pulley System: Pulley size and color.   
3.1" recommended for users with 91 octane. 
3.0" recommended for users with a ZZP downpipe and 93 octane. 
2.9" we recommend 60# injectors, adding a larger heat exchanger, dual pass endplate, header/downpipe and 93 octane. 

Tensioner/Belt Option:   Determines what you are going to use to take up the slack in the belt when you install the smaller SC pulley.  The  GM Stage 2 belt  is the most popular option, the  Oversized tensioner pulley  requires you to remove the factory tensioner, and grind it to give it some clearance for the oversized replacement pulley, and finally the  Adjustable tensioner  will replace the entire stock tensioner arm and is completely adjustable for any S/C pulley size. 

Injectors:   The kit includes 60# injectors.  The factory 33# injectors are maxed with the factory 3.35" pulley and 42# injectors are already maxed with a 3.1" pulley.  The 60# injectors we include in this kit will support up to around 375whp which is more than most full mod list LSJ cars.   

Core Charge:

If you live in a county that does E-Check emissions testing, you must select "sending core" or "email a file". We cannot change the VIN in this PCM; if you use one of our cores the VIN will not match your car and you cannot pass the test.

 #1  Refundable core charge, for $250 We can ship you a ZZP flashed PCM so you can install everything and simply swap your PCM core and then the core charge is refundable when we receive your original LSJ PCM core back within 30 days. 

#2  I'm sending in my core first, We will hold your order until we receive your LSJ pcm, flash it with our file, and ship it back to you.  However when you select this we will not ship any of the parts until we receive your core, because the PCM flash must match the mods (mainly the injectors and intake). 
If you select "sending in core first" send core to:
  Attn: Order # (order number goes here)
  2450 28th st. SW
  Wyoming, MI 49519

#3  Email me an HPTuner file, If you have HPTuners we can email you our modified file so you can upload it yourself.  However to save you HPTuners credits you would email us the file that you licensed and we would email you back an updated file for your mods. 

#4 I am doing my own tuning, You can buy the kit without a PCM or a PCM file.  

#5 Rent Interface or Rent Interface & Laptop: We can send you a HPTuners interface and cable which we supply with instructions.  It will allow you to read your stock file, email it to us for modification, we email you back a modified tune, you upload it to your ECU, and send us a scan, then if additional tweaks are needed, we can modify the file again to perfect it.  When tuning is done, you can return the interface/laptop, and you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit).  If you do not rent our laptop, you will need a Windows based laptop to read/write your ECU.  The advantage of using ours is that it comes pre-configured with the tuning and scanning software required so you can simply charge the laptop, power it up and get started immediately.  We can assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements.  If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine, we just wont refund the core charge.  Core charges are based on 30 days and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods. HPTuners interface comes with 2 credits to license your car. 

If you want to purchase a HPTuners suite,  you can add a standard or Pro version to your order here:  HPTuners suite. 
*PCM portion of this kit is non-returnable.

You will need to remove the stock pulley from your supercharger for this kit. We offer a pulley puller for rent or purchase HERE

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.



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