Big Power LSJ!

Jul 28, 2010

WHP ranging from 375 to 425 can be achieved with LSJ Turbo complete swap kit, 60# injectors (>400whp), or 80# injectors (<400whp), and a 3” ZZP catback. Any car that is running 60# injectors, or larger, should consider our Boost reference fuel system.

In order to go over 450whp, while still staying safe, look into our forged pistons, ZZP connecting rods and a Gen2 block. We also offer a ZZP fully built shortblock, which comes with neutral balance shafts and an ATI balancer.

Please keep in mind that anything over 380whp is just about un-drivable on the street. Many people don’t have a full understanding of how much power 350whp really is, and in turn, would be very disappointed if they were to put their car on the dyno.


  • 420-440whp: You will need ZZP 78# valve springs.
  • 440-460whp: You will need ZZP Stage 1 ported head.
  • Additional 25-50whp: You will need ZZP Stage 1 or 2 camshafts.
  • Spin the engine over 7500rpm: You will need Neutral balance shafts and an upgraded ATI underdrive balancer
  • Twincharged vs Turbo only: Turbo only, with the S252ET turbo, is very responsive and capable of up to 450whp.