Slingshot Turbo Kit Upgrade

Sep 22, 2017

ZZPerformance’s Slingshot Turbo Kit will bring your Polaris Slingshot to a whole new level of performance and power. The kit itself includes the following parts:

  • ZZP Ecotec turbo manifold
  • ZZP ball bearing turbo
  • Tial MVS 38mm waste gate
  • ZZP custom turbo muffler with recirc waste gate
  • Charge pipes
  • ZZP Intercooler specifically designed for the Slingshot
  • ZZP blow off valve
  • ZZP Cold air box
  • All fittings, hoses, and Clampco T-bolt clamps
  • CBM Tune (customer mails ecu to CBM for a flash)


You can purchase the Slingshot Turbo Kit here.

The bolt on turbo itself adds over 100 WHP. This kind of added power is great but arguably the best perk to this turbo would be its spool speed, which provides a more consistent boost without turbo lag.

You won’t find yourself waiting or wondering when the boost will hit while driving with this added kit, as the boost will start almost immediately as you accelerate. On top of the bolt on turbo, this kit includes our ZZP manufactured chambered muffler, which is built to specifically handle the added turbo exhaust.

You’ll also find our ZZP cold air box and Intercooler with this kit, to do what they do best, create greater breathability and add more oxygen for that extra power. Naturally this will include all of the charge pipes and hardware necessary for adding this to your Slingshot. 

To top it off, we’re including our ZZP-in house developed PCM (flashed by CBM) with this kit to bring everything together. This tune will adjust your vehicle’s timing and fueling tables so that it can manage the added boost without negative impacts to your engine. After everything is all said and done, at only 6.5 psi of boost, you’ll be looking at making about 260 HP with 270 ft/lbs to the wheels.

You might also notice an added feature to the rear of our Slingshot. This is our added rear radiator which is used to displace the heat from the engine to the rear of the vehicle, making your ride just a bit more enjoyable. 

This feature isn’t available for sale yet so keep an eye out for it on our website as it will be available in the coming months.


You can purchase the Slingshot Turbo Kit here.