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Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune

The ZZP 2.0 liter turbo PCM brings the performance of your car to a whole new level.  We go through and rework dozens of tables based on countless dyno tuning with our own vehicles.  We own 5 ATS' enabling us to dial in our LTG tuning better than any other company in this market.

  • Fuel cutoff rpm limit increased
  • Variable valve timing optimized for better response and more power
  • Power enrichment tables adjusted for a more consistent air fuel ratio
  • Spark timing optimized for premium fuel
  • Driver demand and torque tables adjusted for greater performance
  • Turbocharger settings adjusted for more boost
  • Fuel injection timing adjusted for higher airloads
  • Fuel pressure raised at high loads
  • Coolant thermostat settings adjusted for cooler engine temps
  • Fan settings lowered for cooler engine temps
  • PE engagement time is reduced
  • 40HP gain over stock file on Premium fuel
  • Does not alter emissions
  • Enable active Flex Fuel in PCM for our ATS E85 Flex Fuel Conversion Kit. SEE BELOW NOTE.

The fastest stock turbo ATS in the world runs our tune (12.0).

How to order your tune:

Car Year: Please type the year of your car. CTS & '16+ ATS costs extra due to the extra credits required to license the tune.

Fuel Type: Please select the appropriate fuel/octane you will be running.  Any factory boosted car should be running at least premium fuel.

ZZP Flex Fuel Conversion Kit: Please select yes or no.  If you want to run our Flex Fuel Conversion Kit, please purchase it along with the PCM tune.  Do not select Yes unless it is being installed unless you will throw a code.  *When this is enabled in the PCM, the kit must be installed and functioning before the car is driven or it will cause damage to the engine.  NOTE: Flex fuel is available for all model year LTG's as of February 2020. 

Core Charge: There are a couple options here...  
#1 Send me a core: We can ship you a new PCM core that is already flashed with our file.  The benefit of this, is that you can keep your stock PCM to reinstall if you need to bring your car in for warranty work.  The disadvantages are a: that if you have remote start, it will disable it. (This applies to 13-15 ATS and CTS only) and b: if you have a '16+ manual trans car, you will have to go to the dealer and get a clutch relearn.   

#2 Send us your core:  We can read, modify, reflash your core and ship it back, your remote start will still work and you will not have to do any relearns.  

Do note that our core PCM flashes are only a base file. We keep our base files conservative due to inconsistencies in fuel across the country. This will result in less overall horsepower and performance over the full remote tune. We 100% recommend doing a remote tune (rent/purchase interface) if you want the full performance out of your vehicle.

#3 Add interface or add interface & laptop: We can send you a programming interface and cable which we supply with instructions.  It will allow you to read your stock file, email it to us for modification, we email you back a modified tune, you upload it to your ECU, and send us a scan, then if additional tweaks are needed, we can modify the file again to perfect it.  When tuning is done, you can return the interface/laptop, and you are refunded the interface/laptop core charge (deposit).  Since you are keeping your stock PCM core, this will retain your remote start feature.  If you do not rent our laptop, you will need a Windows based laptop to read/write your ECU.  The advantage of using ours is that it comes pre-configured with the tuning and scanning software required so you can simply charge the laptop, power it up and get started immediately.  We can assist you if you have any questions or custom tuning requirements.  If you choose to keep the tuning interface and/or the laptop, that's fine, we just wont refund the core charge. 

#4 Email my file: This assumes you have your own HPTuners interface and you have the appropriate credits to license and flash your car.  You email us your file, we modify it and email it back, you upload it, scan it, email us the scan, we modify file further and repeat until done.
Core charges are based on 14 days and there will be additional charges if cables or laptops are kept for longer periods.  After 30 days, core charges convert to purchases.  If you would like to watch a video to see how remote tunes work. Click here

njector Note:
 This option dictates whether you will be running the stock OEM injectors or Nostrum's "upgraded" injectors. We have tested and tuned cars with Nostrum's high flow injectors and have seen nothing but inconsistencies. With how poorly these perform, and how inconsistent they run (none of the sets seem to be the same) we must charge extra. We cannot apply a blanket file for the injectors because they are all different so each tune will require extensive modification and revisions to get these to perform correctly. We have made over 500whp on stock injectors with a 50/50 ethanol blend, don't buy into the hype that you need their upgraded injectors to make good power. If you have any questions, please email

Special Notes:

Once PCMs are purchased, they are not refundable, HP Tuners credits are used, cores are married to specific vin#s, that means once you click the final payment buttons on your order, it cannot be refunded.

'17+ Automatic transmission cars must remove their TCM and ship it to HPTuners to be unlocked so it can be tuned by us.  This has an additional cost of $200. 

Transmission tuning note: When sending your PCM core to us for tuning, or if selecting a new PCM core, we cannot tune your transmission because we cannot physically see or access the TCM. If you want your transmission tuned you must choose the rent interface or rent interface/laptop for a remote tune or in person flash. 2017+ cars still need to send their TCM to HPTuners to be unlocked before we can tune it. 

Do note that we will dial in your tune as much as possible, but we cannot overcome problems with other vendors parts. We have noticed that many aftermarket intakes can cause problems with idle, trims, etc. For the best tuning experience we highly recommend stock injectors, and ZZP supporting mods (intake, downpipe, etc). 

Custom LTG Swaps: This option is for anyone looking to tune a vehicle that did not come with an LTG originally. You MUST choose this option if you are tuning a tube chassis car, sand rail, LTG engine retro fit into an older chassis, etc. Do not try to cheap out and purchase a tune from another year/make/model, we will find out and will not continue the tuning process if so. Be aware that when you purchase and start the remote tuning process you are purchasing our tuning services, not diagnostic services. The tune will be put together assuming you have all necessary sensors, boost lines, vacuum lines, etc hooked up correctly. Once you and the tuner have verified that the car is running well and you're both happy with the tune you have 7 days to request any changes. Once that 7 days has run up you can re-purchase our tuning services for your custom swap for $200. When doing a custom setup, there may be extra hardware (sensors, wiring, etc) needed for setting up the tune correctly. These things will be pointed out by your tuner if they are missing and will be required to move forward with the tuning. We will not cover these parts nor do we always carry those required sensors/parts. 

Note: Prepaid return labels for interface/laptop rentals are only included with domestic shipments.

Sending in Core First Note: 

When choosing sending in core first option you will want to ship your PCM to
ATTN Order #: (Insert your order number here)
2450 28th St SW
Wyoming, MI

If you ordered other items along with the PCM your full order will be held until the PCM is received.

Attention China Customers: We partnered with Lungai, so they will handle all of our China PCM tuning, it will be a ZZP file, but they will provide the ability to have your PCM flashed to save on shipping costs. Contact info below.

Lungai & HZ Tuning
No. 3109 West Gaoke Road
Pudong, Shanghai
201204, China
Tel: 021-68927878

Click here for a video on how our remote tune is done

Click here for written instructions on how HPTuners works

Click here for instructions on how to change your scanner Config

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

If you are having knock (KR) related problems during your remote tuning sessions we recommend using Boostane. Boostane is a safe octane booster that actually works, unlike the generic "octane boosters" found at your local auto parts stores. We have noticed large spikes in fuel inconsistency since the beginning of the pandemic, so sometimes it's hard to point out if there's an issue with the car being knock limited or just the quality of fuel. While tuning if you add Boostane and notice the KR subside, then your problem lies in your fuel. If you add Boostane and it has no noticeable effect on KR, then it is likely that your car has a mechanical issue that is causing and/or being sensed as knock. 

Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
Electronics - ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune
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Kyle W.
United States United States
Great tune

Tim was great working with. He was patient with me while i had some repairs done so we could correctly tune my ats. Feels so much better through gears and has alot more acceleration.

Joseph R.
United States United States
Game Changer!! Seriously..

If you’re like me and you started buying Bolt-on parts and installing them before you ever got a tune from ZZP, then you’re a dumb *** just like me. Don’t be like me… get the tune! ASAP,, it makes a huge difference

United States United States
Worth every penny

Could not be happier with how everything went! The whole process was easier and the results were more than I expected. A special thanks to Turbo Tim for all the help and ZZP for great products and services.

ZZPerformance ZZP ATS/CTS/Camaro PCM Tune Review
Robert B.
Canada Canada
ZZP ATS Remote tune

I had ZZP tune my ATS remotely and it couldn’t have been easier. Matt was the guy who performed all the magic. My ATS is a full bolt on 3” exhaust, ZZP 3” Catted Downpipe, ZZP CAI, and ZZP Larger throttle body and charge pipe. Car improved quarter mile time (14.20 down to a (13.4) and improved 0-60 time of 5.9 to a rocketing 5.0. Shifts are smooth and quick in tour mode and even harder in sport with quick downshifts. Honestly best money ever spent. Just do it!

Germany Germany
Like a whole different car

This tune really wakes up your camaro for sure. The turbo lag is almost eliminated and the car starts pulling like crazy at 2-2.5k revs which is amazing. Dont expect wonders from a 2.0L turbo engine with just a tune but looking at the stock file and the modified one its clear that you gain so much power for actually not that much money. With my setup (silicone intake, k&n airfilter and downpipe) the tuners estimate was about 60HP gain which im absolutely happy with. I wasnt aiming for maximum power just to make my daily quicker which this totaly did and im happy. Little shoutout to Matt who did an amazing job on my camaro. would recommend this to everyone interessted in tuning their camaro. Now i only give this 4/5 stars because in my e-mails i specificly asked if this tune also would recalibrate the TCM without sending it in and they told me yes but actually its not possible to do that. Now its a bit my fault for not looking into it troughly but i trusted the e-mail support from zzp and ordered it anyways. This isnt a huge issue for someone living in the usa but me sitting in germany this is a bit of a hassle to do so only the ecu is tuned for me which is a bummer. oh well