HP Tuners Interface Rental - Remote Tuning How To

Sep 11, 2019


Want to see it in action? Check out Turbo Tim on our YouTube going in depth step by step on this process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gEWRtb27q4


1. Open your ZZP Box and Contents

Inside you'll find your tuning laptop, HPTuners MP VI2, Packing Slip, Return Label, and Charger.


2. Fully Charge the Laptop

When tuning your car you don't want to run into any power issues. Make sure you know your car has a good battery, and that your tuning laptop is fully charged. Also, double check all connections and insure that everything is safely fastened.

Plug the HPTuners into your car's OBDII port.

Plug the adapter cable into the HPTuners.

Then plug the USB end of the adapter cable into the laptop.

Open and Power On your tuning laptop.


3. Open Editing Software

The the HPTuners editor (Small silver wrench icon).


4. Turn on your Car

Turn your vehicle ignition on. This should be two clicks forward with your key, DO NOT start your engine. If your car has a push button start, then you will hold the start button down for 6 seconds or so without putting your foot on the brake pedal until the gauges light up and usually there will be a beep.


5. Read your Vehicle

Wait 10 seconds in the VCM Editor program.


Select "GATHER INFO" to read your vehicle's current tune. This will read all modules on the car.

That will pull up a window that will give you the options to read the entire PCM, ECU only, TCM only, or FSCM (when applicable).

Always make sure to select “Do Not Read” in the FSCM box if it is available, unless it will ask to use another $50 HPTuner credit that isn’t necessary.

If your car has a manual trans, then you only need to read the ECM, if you have an auto, make sure to read the ECM and TCM so we can modify both modules.

But once again, do not read the FSCM. If you do select, and end up buying a credit, we will not be reimbursing you.

Click "READ" and wait around 2 - 6 minutes for the program to read your car.

Some vehicles will require the laptop to be connected to WIFI to read the PCM file initially. If you get a “Controller Unlocker” error, please connect to WIFI and keep attempting to read the file until it completes.



The program will pop up a box to save the file.

Save this file somewhere safe, and feel free to make a copy as a backup. If this computer is just your tuning computer, feel free to save it to the desktop. This is your stock file.

HPTuners only makes a copy of your file, once read, the car will still run and drive.


8. Email file to your Tuner

Attach the file you saved into an email sent to your tuner. Depending on your car and who you are working with it will be one of these:


Feel free to add any more information to your email. Let us know any requests you have for the tune. Make sure to add your mod list, type of fuel, and if you would like your transmission to shift more or less aggressive. (auto cars)


9. Get your new modified file back, flash to your car

Download this file from the email and save it to a safe place. Again, if this is just your tuning computer, the desktop is a good place.

Open your file in the VCM Editor. If you just click on the modified file, it will automatically open the HPT Editor program.

Go to “Help” in the top menu bar, then click “Resync Interface”. This will apply the credits we put on your interfaces online account onto your interface so you can license and flash the modified file.

You are now ready to flash your car. Double check that you are sure your car will not shut off, and that the laptop is fully charged. Plug in all cables.

Turn the key / button start to ignition on mode.



Select "SPECIFIC."

Leave the engine and transmission both at "WRITE CALIBRATION" if you are modifying both. Click "WRITE."

Once the flash has completed, now you want to turn the ignition off. Either switch the key to off or click the push button start button one more time.

Wait 5 seconds and start the car just like you usually do.

You may now close the window, and your car has the basic ZZP file on it.



"Adjusting fuel trims, shift points, fueling, timing, boost, and more. That's what makes this a good experience, your car will be tuned specifically for your mods, your fuel, and that really makes it a perfect tune, not just a 'mail-order' tune."


10. Open scanning software

Power up a charged laptop, plug in all cords. Open VCM Scanner (Small lightning bolt icon).

On the left, click "RECENT CHANNEL CONFIGS."


Open the channel we sent you.

Start the car. Get your car up to full running temperature, as we can't adjust tune files based on cold engines.

Click the red record button ("START RECORDING")

Take car for a drive, recording. The longer the drive the better. We don't mind a 30 minute scan, as we can scroll through to any points we need for tuning. Do some light acceleration through a few gears. Then some medium acceleration through a few gears. Then, go "WOT" which is "Wide Open Throttle" for at least 1 full gear, from 3000rpm to redline.

Please pay attention to the road, DO NOT stare at the scanner screen. SAFETY FIRST!

When you have finished your drive, let the car idle for about 2-3 minutes and select "STOP SCANNING." (Black Square)

Save log file as "LASTNAME_1" As it is your first revision and add a number to every revision further.

Email that scan to your tuner at ZZP.

Your tuner will make their adjustment and email you back a new file.

Write new file to the car, make another scan and send to us. Repeat this until your tuner tells you it's perfect, and that you and your tuner are both happy with your car's performance.


11. Return or keep the Interface and Laptop

Package up your laptop and interface with all cords, if you wish to return. Be sure to pack them as safely and securely as possible.

Close the box and slap your included return label on the box.

Ship it back to ZZP by simply dropping it off to the mailing service listed on your return label.



"It is a great idea to keep the interface and laptop. At least the interface, because this interface is licensed to your vehicle now, so that means it could have between $100 in credits or $400 in credits to tune your specific vehicle that you would have to purchase again, if you wanted to make a tune update. Like, if you add new mods and you need to revise the file, which, we can do, but you will need an interface to do that, so I highly recommend at least keeping the interface, and/or the laptop."


Want to see it in action? Check out Turbo Tim on our YouTube going in depth step by step on this process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gEWRtb27q4


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