ZZP 3800 GT Camshafts

ZZP 3800 GT Camshafts

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ZZP's GT camshafts currently hold all the horsepower and ET records for naturally aspirated L36s. Anytime you upgrade the camshaft from the stock one, we highly recommend running either Comp Cams or Crow Cams 105# valve spring, or the very common LS 90 lb valve spring, along with ZZP Modified retainers, LS7 lifters, ZZP Custom Pushrods, (To determine what length pushrod you will need. We recommend using the 'Lifter Preload' method that can be found on the lifter page. We also recommend purchasing the ZZP Pushrod Length Checker to assist with this.) and you can either run the stock timing chain with a new replacement dampener or the best option is the Rollmaster double timing chain, Extra thick front cover gasket, and Machined oil pump cover. However all of these upgrades are not always required, they are just a very good combo that works very well together.

The GT1 cam was designed for naturally aspirated applications where emissions and street-ability are important. It will generally not set SES lights. The GT cam uses steep ramp rates and tight base lobes to keep the computer and the sniffer happy while still providing great performance. This cam does not set the P0300 code and can be installed on a stock 3800 all the way to radical. It was designed for the NA L36 but will also work well with nitrous or intercooled boost. It is the only major L36 grind on the market that does not need a converter or gear changes to see gains. The GT1 can be used on stock heads with stock springs and retainers but upgrade to 90 or 105s is recommended along with higher shift points.

Look for gains of 30+ HP depending on your car's current configuration with a drop of 1/2 sec in the 1/4 mile.

  • 210°/210° at .050"
  • Intake Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
  • Exhaust Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
  • 113 LSA
The GT2-RPM cam was designed for NA applications with maximum HP in higher rpms. It is recommended to upgrade the valve springs (125# or higher), modified retainers, and LS7 lifters. It has a lopey idle and performs best with a higher stall speed torque converter. 

This cam was designed for naturally aspirated applications where maximizing the performance of stock heads is important. It will set the P0300 code unless programmed out of the PCM. Idle is lumpy, especially with headers. Raised shift points (6500), raised rev limiter (7k), and gears/converter are all recommended.

Look for gains of 40 HP depending on your car's current configuration.

  • 216°/216° at .050"
  • Intake Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
  • Exhaust Lift .317" (.507" lift at 1.6:1 rocker ratio)
  • 111 LSA

2023 Update: Introducing the GT2-RPM cam! The GT2-RPM cam is the same GT2 you know and love with tighter tolerances for better high rpm valvetrain stability. Standard camshafts in the market have lobe flutter causing power losses in higher rpms. In normal circumstances this doesn't affect performance but, in some vehicles, over 6k rpm we see variation in measured dyno HP. Measuring the base circle on a standard camshaft, we can see several thousandths of height variation. The valve should be closed but minor rises on the base circle can create valve harmonics and minor opening when the valve should be closed. The RPM version of our camshafts are ground to tolerances reducing base circle variation from several thousandths to a ten thousandth. The result is a more stable valvetrain with more HP above 6k rpm in the 3800. 

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