ZZP 2.2/2.4L Turbo Kit

ZZP 2.2/2.4L Turbo Kit

ZZP 2.2/2.4L Turbo Kit

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The Stage 1 kit utilizes a K04 turbo as found on the 2.0 LNF. Our Stage 1 has instant spool and power at any rpm and adds approximately 80whp to your car. This turbo kit is capable of a lot more but it would require a higher flowing catback exhaust and a boost controller to turn up the boost.


  • K04 Turbo
  • Powdercoated charge piping
  • Air to Air Intercooler
  • All stainless and aluminum piping
  • Includes stainless 3" catted downpipe with 2.5" exit (to fit your stock or aftermarket 2.5" catback) 
  • GM turbo manifold
  • All feed and drain oiling lines
  • silicone couplers
  • Stainless clamps
  • All installations accessories
  • 60# injectors
  • NGK Iridium cooler spark plugs
  • Intake tubing and filter
  • 2 or 4 bar MAP sensor (depends on year)

    Engine: If you select 2.4L then the kit will come with a higher bar MAP sensor. If you select '05-06 2.2L the kit will come without the MAP sensor. We only offer tune files for the '06+ 2.4L and '07+ 2.2L vehicles.

    *ECU PROGRAMMING REQUIRED - We can tune the 07+ 2.2 and the 06+ 2.4 liter engines, however you would need to purchase our Performance tune and send in your core to read/tweak/reflash and return.  Click here for our Performance ECM.

    MAP Sensor notes: '06/07 2.4 comes with a 2 bar MAP, '08-10 2.4L and '07-10 2.2L comes with a 4 bar MAP. Custom PCM programming is required to change the MAP sensor, it is included in our PCM file. 05/06 2.2 comes without a MAP sensor because we don't offer tuning for those years.

    Premium fuel required!  Even stock you should be running premium, but it is definitely required after adding boost.

    If you desire more than 15psi of boost, we recommend upgraded to boost reference fuel pressure, upgraded fuel pump wiring and a larger fuel pump. The boost reference fuel system isn't activated until 17+psi of boost.

    The 2.2 motor has relatively weak rods and pistons and should not be run with more than 5psi if your engine is stock. '08+ has the weakest rods, we do not recommend exceeding 230whp.

    The 2.4 is a little stronger but also makes more power at the same boost level and should not be run over 6psi if the engine is stock. '08+ has the weakest rods, we do not recommend exceeding 250whp.


    This kit was designed on the 2.4L automatic trans Cobalt, but it will fit the manual trans car. The turbo sits very close to the firewall on the manual trans model but will not hit. This kit will NOT fit the Auto 2.4L HHR, it requires custom charge pipes.

    These kits are made per order, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to ship.

    Update note:
    As of September 2022 we are now including our ZZP stencil with all heat exchangers and intercoolers. This way you can choose to leave the intercooler blank, or spray paint the ZZP logo with your choice of color to match your build. If you'd like to purchase a ZZP stencil for your intercooler or heat exchanger they can be found here

    CLICK HERE for Digital Install Instructions

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