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Clutch Masters LTG Aluminum Flywheel

Transmission & Drivetrain - Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel
Transmission & Drivetrain - Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel

This is Clutch Masters single mass lightweight version of the LTG flywheel. It is 16.2 lbs lighter than the stock steel dual mass flywheel which is worth significant racing performance gains. The stock flywheel weighs in at 31.3 lbs. However since it is single mass, you will have the infamous rattle at idle. This is more of a "race" product for someone that would rather have the performance gains and not mind the noise. This flywheel comes with a pilot bearing preinstalled and reuses the factory flywheel bolts.

NOTE: This flywheel will only work with the Clutch Masters Clutch Kit.

Fits ATS and Camaro 2.0L 6 speed M3L manual transmissions.

Transmission & Drivetrain - Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel
Transmission & Drivetrain - Clutch Masters Aluminum Flywheel
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Christopher W.
United States United States
Amazing replacement

As my stock clutch and flywheel were destroyed. I purchased the Clutch master flywheel and clutch kit. After installing them it was like my car came back to life. Smooth shifts, clutch no longer slipping under load and the lighter flywheel allows Slomaro to spin up and slow down faster. 10/10 would recommend.

United States United States

Great product very happy with the clutch and flywheel grabs great with less Rev hang. Would recommend to anyone who drives their ATS "aggressively" through cayons or autocrosses. Install was easy enough hard to do on jack stands in a garage but I managed. I thought my rear main seal was leaking but turned out to be the slave cylinder which there is a revised part number for at least on my 2014. Took about a week to get that shipped but once everything was installed and the clutch was completely bled and ready for driving it was a night and day difference 100% recommend.

Alvis M.
United States United States
Great flywheel and clutch

Great clutch feels great. Took me about 8 hours on my own to install in garage. Good advice make sure you get new flywheel bolts. And if you don't have the GM tool for the dual mess clutch I use a pry bar to stop the flywheel from moving and a vice grip on the edge of the flywheel and an extension bar and it worked great.

philip a.
Canada Canada
Good product

Great product doesn't chatter as i was expecting it to and you can feel those revs drop on downshifts, just amazing still breaking in the motor and clutch so can't feel what it can fully do. Only tip is make sure you can find the gm tool to help turn the stock dual mass flywheel to gain access to the bolts to remove them and be careful not to round the Allen bolts holding the flywheel.

United States United States
Smooth install, great performance

I recently installed this flywheel/clutch combo and was very impressed. It is mentioned that pedal feel is stiffer, but I hardly noticed a difference. The install was a breeze, fitting like OEM parts and arguably easier since the parts are lighter. The engine definitely spins more freely and doesn't "hang" between gears like it did before. There is a bit more vibration felt than before, but this was expected and unless you are really feeling for it, you likely wont notice. Overall very happy with the purchase and ZZP will continue to get my business for their fantastic customer service.