LTG Intake Camshaft With Upgraded ZZP Fuel Pump Lobe
LTG Intake Camshaft With Upgraded ZZP Fuel Pump Lobe
LTG Intake Camshaft With Upgraded ZZP Fuel Pump Lobe

LTG Intake Camshaft With Upgraded ZZP Fuel Pump Lobe

LTG Intake Camshaft With Upgraded ZZP Fuel Pump Lobe

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This is a brand new OEM LTG intake camshaft with our ZZP upgraded fuel pump lobe pressed on. These lobes are heat treated to the same standard as the OEM camshafts and provide much higher lift/stroke on the stock high pressure fuel pump. 

The LTG's stock fueling system is one of the known weak points, especially when using alternative ethanol fuels like E85. The LTG fuel system consists of 4 main components; the in-tank low pressure fuel pump, the fuel pump lobe that strokes the high pressure fuel pump, the high pressure fuel pump, and the injectors. In stock form most LTG's can only handle 50% ethanol (E47), meaning you have to mix fuels when wanting to push the car and run alternative fuels. We learned in the Ecotec market that stroking the stock high pressure fuel pump further can lead to great gains, at an affordable price point. 

With our new upgraded fuel pump lobe you will have the ability to run full pump E85 on a stock turbo car with no other fuel system changes. This is the same fuel pump lobe we use on the Stage 2 and Stage 3 LTG cams, but at a much lower price point. Stock pump stroke is .157”, with the ZZP upgraded fuel pump lobe, the stroke is increased to .200”. 

Direct injected cars inherently suffer in the colder months/climates as the fuel system demand for the same power levels goes up. With our cam lobe you can run higher ethanol percentages than stock on even a larger turbo car (like our ZFR/Z54/Z57) as well, however your tuner will let you know what the safe stopping point is based on your scans. Your next weak point in the fuel system is the low pressure in-tank pump. We have made over 500whp on stock injectors with an upgraded low side and this fuel lobe cam. 

Pair this fuel lobe cam with our 82# valve springs, LTG flex fuel kit, and ZZP remote tune for the ultimate E85 combination.  We recommend replacing the Valve cover gasket and Vacuum pump seal while doing this install. 

Installs as a stand alone product. Installs exactly like a stock intake cam. Can be run without tuning, however we do not recommend it. Anytime you change the fuel lobe on an LTG a PCM update is highly recommended for optimum performance. 

Install note: Kent Moore does offer a tool that holds the chain to maintain tension on the tensioner, but its sketchy, so we just recommend pulling the front cover.

Fits all LTG 2.0t equipped engines including the Cadillac ATS, Chevrolet Camaro, Buick Regal, Chevrolet Malibu, and others. 

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