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Rear Trans Mount Spacer

Transmission & Drivetrain - Rear Trans Mount Spacer
Transmission & Drivetrain - Rear Trans Mount Spacer

This is a spacer that can be installed between your cradle and the rear trans mount. It will raise the rear of the engine 1/4", that will raise the transmission/axles up and decrease axle wobble from lowering your car. This is intended for the stock rear trans mount, or our standard Rear Trans Mount and works fine with all front trans mounts or engine mounts.

Transmission & Drivetrain - Rear Trans Mount Spacer
Transmission & Drivetrain - Rear Trans Mount Spacer
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Brandon D.
United States United States


Amazing will definitely recommend

Jason H.
United States United States

Size doesn't matter(lies)

For some reason I was expecting this decent sized part...but it was very tiny(that's what she said) even though I know how big the mount is hahaha....Epstein didnt k122 himself.

ZZPerformance Rear Trans Mount Spacer ReviewZZPerformance Rear Trans Mount Spacer ReviewZZPerformance Rear Trans Mount Spacer Review
Harold S.
United States United States


Works good and was easy to install, it might not seem like much but it helps the geometry out of your lowered.

United States United States

Affordable piece

A cheap and easy way to fix your rear mount.

Jason Z.
United States United States

ZZP Lowering Springs

Let’s start this off correctly and hopefully assist others that may have been in my situation. First, I own and drive a 2009 2.2L Chevy Cobalt LS XFE. I’ve owned it since I’ve driven it off the lot. No major modifications, a GMPP intake with upgraded KN Filter. Other than that it’s a bone stock car. I enjoy performance cars and measure everything based on my experience with Corvettes and Camaros, so the factory FE1 suspension on this car was tired. Even after replacing shocks/struts about 3 years ago, the Monroe’s just didn’t hold up. I decided to upgrade. Without the ability to buy Bilstein struts and build my own, I decided to use these ZZP springs with GM SS/TC FE5 shocks and struts. With a noticeable drop all the way around it’s much tighter and it’s not rough, but you will notice the bumps a tad bit more. I wish I could give you exact drop numbers, but shame on my I didn’t measure before and after. You can really tell in the rear. I would recommend for atleast the 2.2L folks more than likely the ZZP transmission spacer and the ZZP steering rack spacers. I’ve driven the car about 150 miles so far without, and I’ve noticed a tad bit of axle “wobble” around the 10-25 mph mark. It does go away. I also believe there to be a bit of “toe out” issue with the alignment, unsure yet if the rack spacers will correct, however an alignment needs to be done. Also unsure without having a camber gauge if the camber is off and will require camber bolts. Alignment will tell. The spacers will be installed actually here in a few minutes after I finish the initial review. I plan on doing a follow up after the install of the spacers with feedback available on those issues as well. Also I plan on updating following the alignment. My goal for this review is to give someone absolutely easy understanding of what they truly will need in order to install these parts correctly and maintain a safe and servicable ride. I will say the one thing I absolutely felt that was lacking from the included spring set was instructions. I am fortunate enough in life to have been gifted (cursed) with having some automotive know how but for those that don’t there is a lot of conflicting information out there on the inner web and forums. When installing these springs, as stated from a publication I found from ZZP...the tightly wound coils need to be on the BOTTOM. If you do this assuming your spring set is like mine, you will be able to read the print on them in the normal fashion..and yes in the rear they will be quite compact. Anyway that is my initial review. Would I buy again? Sure would, of course I cannot compare other springs on this car, but they seem to be really well made and will hopefully hold up much better than stock or other replacements. Hope you’ve enjoyed and find this helpful.