Turbo Parts & Kits - LNF/LHU Turbo Upgrade
Turbo Parts & Kits - LNF Turbo Upgrade
Turbo Parts & Kits - LNF Turbo Upgrade

Regal LHU Turbo Upgrade

Regal LHU Turbo Upgrade

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Base Kit includes:

  • Borg Warner S257 Turbo
  • TiAl 38 mm Wastegate
  • ZZP Turbo Intake (black powder-coat finish)
  • K&N Air Filter
  • ZZP 304ss Exhaust Manifold
  • ZZP Stainless Downpipe
  • Oil feed and Drain Kits
  • Manual Boost controller
  • All necessary hoses, fittings, bolts, and gaskets

Option 1 determines whether or not you already have our ZZP LNF charge pipes and intercooler. 

"I already have ZZP charge pipes": This option is meant for folks who have previously purchased our ZZP charge pipes. Do note that you need our upper charge pipe with BOV (blow off valve) provision. 

"Send me ZZP charge pipes": This option will include our ZZP upper charge pipe with BOV provision, ZZP lower charge pipe, MAF relocation kit, ZZP 50mm BOV, and all associated couplers and stainless t-bolt clamps. 

"Send me ZZP charge pipes and intercooler": This option will include all items stated in the above description, as well as our ZZP full size intercooler for the LNF.

    To run our tune, it requires our lower charge pipe with relocated blow through MAF.

    Downpipe Option: 

    What is a recirculated wastegate?

    • Recirculated wastegate dumps the extra exhaust pressure directly into your downpipe and the car is quieter at full throttle. The factory turbo comes recirculated, it just uses an internal wastegate instead of our external TiAl wastegate.

    Tuning option:

    Determine the boost control of the kit. 375-425whp tune is a ZZP ECM with a manual boost controller, that turns the boost up or down with a knob and is (usually) mounted under the hood. This option requires you to either ship us your ECM core to flash(preferred) or pay the refundable core charge.

    If you select “I am doing my own tuning” then the kit will come without a PCM. With that option you do not need to pay the refundable core charge.

    NOTE: For those looking to do this upgrade on a Regal or a Cobalt with a stock Gen 3 bottom end; you WILL NEED forged rods and pistons before doing this turbo kit. The stock Gen 3 rods are quite weak and will bend/break with this turbo. 

    ZZPerformance has worked extensively with turbos on the Ecotec platform and after testing many turbos from Borg Warner, Bullseye, Garrett, and Precision; we concluded that nothing spooled as quickly, made as much power, or lasted as long as the Borg Warner S257SXE turbo. We get many requests to use customer’s turbos but we strongly recommend against this route. If you search the forums there is literally no one making big power with successful builds that run well other than people using ZZP setups. This includes our choice of turbos.

    The Borg Warner 257SXE turbo reaches maximum efficiency between 20 and 25 PSI on the 2.0. It is normally run at 22psi on pump gas depending on the other mods you have. (We recommend 20psi for 91 octane, 22 for 93) It will make 400whp on most setups but is capable of up to 500 with additional mods to the vehicle and E85. 

    In the LNF, running E85 or above 450whp on pump gas; requires an intake cam with larger fuel lobe and Opel injectors. High HP builds will need to add our 5th injector.

    The Regal kit includes a 2nd MAF sensor, MAF harness and requires splicing into the factory harness to use both MAF sensors.  The Regal also uses a custom lower charge pipe exclusive to this kit.  Cobalt and Regals use specific downpipes which are included in this kit.

    How a Cobalt with the ZZP kit stacks against a GTR and modified Vette, click here

    These kits are made per order, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to ship.

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