3800 Stage 2 Performance Package

3800 Stage 2 Performance Package

3800 Stage 2 Performance Package

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This is a preprepared mod package specific to your car that will give you about 35 horsepower. It comes with all of the basic bolt os that allow you to run a smaller supercharger pulley for more boost. The PCM that is included is our standard ZZP 1.0 pcm with all of the changes listed on its product page. Next would be an upgraded Cold air intake which will be a our ZZP cold air intake. The cooler spark plugs and thermostat will help reduce potential Spark Knock or “KR” that you may get from the increased boost of the Modular pulley system that is included. After it is initially installed the modular pulley system will only take a couple minutes to swap pulley in the future when you have the appropriate mods to run smaller pulleys. Since this kit comes with a smaller pulley, it will also come with a shorter supercharger belt as well. The typical 97+ Series II L67 supercharged cars come with a very restrictive UBend in the factory downpipe, this kit will come with a ZZP downpipe with a high flow spun metal cat to replace it. All packages require 92+ octane gasoline. If 92+ octane is not available, please contact us so we can adjust the pulley size specifically for your car and octane.


  • ZZP Cold Air Intake w/ 4" ZZP filter
  • ZZP 1.0 pcm
  • 3.4"/3.5"/3.6" Modular pulley system (see below to see what your model comes with)
  • 660 supercharger belt
  • ZZP 3" bolt in stainless cat'd downpipe (bolts up to stock or 2.5" cat back) with gaskets
  • Autolite 104 spark plugs (set of 6)
  • 180* thermostat and gasket
  • O2 extension (04+ Grand Prix only)

Model specific kit changes:

'97-03 Grand Prix GTP: ZZP cai, 3.4" pulley,

'97+ Regal GS /'04+ Monte/Impala SS' ZZP cai, 3.5" pulley These models are also more prone to "Knock Retard" or "KR" so we include a .1 larger size pulley.

'04+ Grand Prix' K&N intake, 3.6" pulley, and we add a o2 extension for the rear o2. These cars come with the better Gen5 supercharger and are more prone to "Knock Retard" or "KR", so the kit will come with a larger 3.6" supercharger pulley to compensate.

How to order your Performance Package:

Vehicle: Just select your model of car, if you have a '04-05 GTP, make sure to select the proper option between "GTP" and "Comp G GTP" The specific Comp G GTP comes with a different gear ratio than all other supercharged cars.

PCM Core Charge: This is a 100% refundable charge so we can ship you a PCM to install in your car, and then you can return your original core within 14 days for the core refund. Damaged, excessively dirty, or painted PCM core returns will be docked or not accepted. If you would like us to flash your core instead, then select "Sending in my core first" this will save you the core charge however you will have to send in your core for us to flash it and return it to you. If you select that, we will not ship the order until we receive your PCM core. Which core charge do you select? Series II is the following models: '97-03 Grand Prix, '97+ Regal, '00+ Monte Carlo/Impala. Series III is the following models: '04-05 Grand Prix only. If you have your own HPTuner or DHP Powertuner, then you can also select "Email me a file" We do not have a core charge available for the '06+ Grand Prix GT Supercharged, we must receive your core for the read/tweak and select the "06 GT Supercharged" dropdown. See below for more information.

'06+ Grand Prix GT: HPTuners now supports most '06+ Grand Prix PCM cores, however we would need to have your core sent in for us to read/tweak/flash and return. 

PCMs are flashed on a per order basis and once shipped they are non-returnable. Warranty replacements are offered for 1 year on defective products.

How to begin mods to your 3800 car, click HERE.

If using your own laptop for remote tuning, download the latest stable HPTuners VCM Suite here.

If you have a 97 model year you will need to use a coolant tank from a 99 model year so the cold air intake box will fit. That can be purchased separately here 

Regal customer note: If you are looking to purchase our ZZP stage 2 kit our ZZP 3" Regal catback will NOT fit. The stage 2 kit comes with a downpipe for your stock exhaust, while our Regal catback requires a 3" exit downpipe. If you have any questions please email customservice@zzperformance.com. 

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