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Z3 Turbo Kit

Turbo Parts & Kits - Z3 Turbo Kit
Turbo Parts & Kits - Z3 Turbo Kit

This kit has been engineered as the most complete, best warranted, highest supported turbo kit in our market (Impala, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Regal, & Bonneville). When compared to the positive displacement supercharger that is factory installed on these vehicles, turbos are far more efficient with less parasitic loss and less heat in the discharged air. This results in better drivability at high horsepower levels and, overall, better performance. Our base turbo kit will take a naturally aspirated 3800 from 200 to 300 HP+ non-intercooled and to 400HP+ intercooled. Adding our kit to a supercharged 3800 will net 400-700HP depending on your configuration.

We have designed our kit to be very easy to install. Simply remove the factory crossover pipe and replace with our turbo crossover. Remove your stock downpipe and cap the OEM rear manifold or our ZZP Rear Power log with the cap we include in the kit, bolt on your turbo and connect the downpipe. No welding, no fuss. Sound easy? It is. We've taken careful measures to speed install time and make the kit very easy to understand. For example, our oil return doesn't require tapping the pan and installs in 5 minutes, the oil pressure is fed from the sender so you don't have to remove the oil extension neck. This kit compatible with our Turbo Rear Power Log.

Downpipe: Upgrading from a build based on TOG headers? Even better, the included turbo downpipe bolts directly to your existing TOG lower downpipe! If you don't have TOGs currently, our kit gives you the option of adding a catted or catless TOG downpipe which bolts to your existing catback exhaust system. The 2.5" exit downpipe will bolt up to the stock or an aftermarket 2.5" catback system, and we also offer a 3" exit downpipe for those with 3" catbacks.

Turbo: Our turbo kit uses a Precision 6262 turbo. The exhaust section has a .63 AR ratio and 62mm wheel and is capable of 65 lbs a minute. This turbo supports up to 600 WHP with the appropriate supporting mods.

Intake Manifold: Option 1: If you have an L67/L32 you will need to remove your blower rotor pack and snout to block off the m90 housing. We offer a two solutions for this, you can either run our m90 blockoff plate or the block off plate intercooler. Option 2: You could remove your supercharger and lower intake and install our modified NA upper and lower intake with HV3 installed.

Differences between the Z3, Z7(discontinued), and Stattama Turbo kits: The Z3 is the budget kit, it uses a log style crossover and bolts the wastegate onto the stock style rear exhaust manifold, then vents the wastegate to atmosphere. The Z7 kit mounts the wastegate to the crossover pipe and reroutes the wastegate dump tube into the downpipe, this allows you to run our Turbo Rear Powerlog. The Stattama kit comes with a larger turbo, merge collector crossover pipe, front and rear turbo Powerlogs, and a 3" downpipe instead of the Z3/Z7's 2.5" downpipe.

With a base kit on a stock GT at 6psi of boost high 13s @ 100mph can be expected. Adding an intercooler and raising the boost to 9.5psi with high ratio rockers, your performance can be increased to high 12s @ 107mph. Upgraded turbochargers can increase your performance well beyond this.

On intercooled GTPs, expect 400 HP minimum in street trim and much more with increased boost and other mods.

The ZZPerformance Z3 Turbo Kit includes:

  • Precision 6262 turbo
  • TiAL 38mm wastegate kit (external dump only)
  • TIG welded 304 stainless steel crossover
  • TIG welded 304 stainless steel 2.5" downpipe
  • Powder coated intake pipes
  • Oil feed and return system
  • High temp silicone connectors
  • K&N air filter
  • Crankcase breather
  • Autolite 103 plugs gapped for your setup
  • All required hoses and gaskets
  • LT1 MAF with wire adapter (04+ GP only)
  • Coupler and T bolt clamps for MAF (04+ GP only)
  • Modified charge tube (04+ GP only)
  • Vacuum hose adapter (04+ GP only)
  • Fuel rail spacers (04+ GP only)
  • Intercooler (if selected)
  • Boost Controller
  • Blow off valve (if intercooler option is selected)
  • All installations accessories
  • Fully detailed instructions


  • PCM tune can be purchased here.
  • Works with Impala, Regal, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo and can be adapted for Bonneville. Does not work on F-body.
  • All kits over 14psi or 400WHP should have the 1" transmission chain.
  • We recommend an oversized radiator for turbo applications.
  • Fuel injector upgrade is required.
  • Fuel Pump Rewire is recommended.
  • Stage 1 voltage booster is recommended.
  • An Aftermarket 3" Exhaust is recommended.

These turbo kits are built to order, and will take 2-3 weeks to ship on average. 

Turbo Parts & Kits - Z3 Turbo Kit
Turbo Parts & Kits - Z3 Turbo Kit
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Collin M.
United States United States
Great turbo kit goes together easy

Great kit really woke the car up made it a whole new driving experience

Jeremy H.
Good kit but not good for a NA block

I bought this kit back in April took about a month to be delivered then only had issues from there. It took me around 3-4 days working around 6-10 hours each day to install it (i was taking my time). It's a great kit with a good turbo but after around 150 miles on it my connecting rod broke in the 4th cylinder. My engine was a L26 Naturally aspirated, cost me over 1k for a used engine and about 1500 more to swap them, the turbo is also shot due to metal fragments that went into the oil. What i'm saying is i followed all instructions but the L26 Pistons and rods aren't made to take boost. Take advice from some who just wasted 3k on the kit, 1k for a new engine and 1500 for labor, don't waste your money unless you upgrade your internals first even though they say this works with our engines.

Jonathan R.
What about trans I have a 4t65e should I go HD.

Interesting. Using the same top ends , or change to l67/l32

Guest G.
great kit!

This kit is very well put together. The welds are great and the power is awesome! The instructions i received are for the Z7 kit though and some parts of the installation aren't covered, mainly the wastegate. Overall the install went well and i'm happy with my new found horsepower!