ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit

ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit
ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit

ZZP Z04 Turbo Kit

What Intercooler Do You Have?
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When we set out to break the quarter mile record in the Sonic we quickly realized how limiting a stock frame style turbo was on these 1.4 engines. After maxing the V3 turbo we knew that we needed something larger, and that customers would want more as well. Cycling through a few different turbo combinations we ultimately ended up with our prototype Z04. Based around a tried and true K04 center section this turbo took us all the way down to 12.0 seconds in the quarter mile, nearly a full second faster than our previous V3 quarter mile record. After a full year of testing and perfecting, we're ready to bring the turbo to the general public.

The Z04 turbo features a stainless steel cast housing, journal bearing center section, and cast aluminum compressor housing. This turbo is a 100% bolt on solution for your 1.4T vehicle. Our Z04 turbo kit includes everything needed to bolt on your Sonic or Cruze. The Z04 is capable of nearly double the horsepower of your stock turbo, and approximately 30-50whp over a maxed V3 setup. This turbo kit comes with a full mandrel bent 3" down-pipe and mid-pipe combo with high flow cat that will connect to your stock catback or any aftermarket catback. 

Is the Z04 for you? While the Z04 is very capable, and can make a lot of power on the 1.4, that does come with some drawbacks. The Z04 will have some noticeable turbo lag over a stock frame turbo, and even the V3. This is due to the significantly larger turbine wheel and the small displacement of the 1.4. This turbo has a "big turbo" feel and powerband compared to a stock frame turbo as well. If you want something that has extremely fast spool and hits with a large torque spike you'll want a V3; however, if you want something capable of big power numbers and that pulls to redline you'll want the Z04. Your driving style and preference will really determine what you want out of your turbo. 

With this upgrade in power you will want a few supporting mods. We 100% recommend everyone with the Z04 run an upgraded rear trans mount, found here. With your engine being capable of producing significantly more power and tq than stock with this turbo kit, it is going to twist under acceleration a considerable amount with only stock mounts. You are also running a 3" downpipe through a space that originally came with a 1.75" pipe so clearance issues may occur when running your stock mounts only. You do not need upgraded exhaust or intercooler to run the Z04, however, it is highly recommended. Our 3" Sonic catback pairs perfectly with the Z04. Your stock catback is only 1 3/4" in diameter, and will become a restriction quickly. You will need upgraded injectors, 42# for 91/93, and 60# for full E85. With the larger turbine housing and larger compressor/turbine wheels, the Z04 benefits greatly from our upgraded camshaft package and valve springs, found here and here


  • Z04 Turbocharger
  • 3" mandrel bent down-pipe/mid-pipe combo with high flow cat
  • Wideband O2 bung
  • 3" v-band clamp
  • Custom coolant lines
  • Copper crush washers for coolant and oil lines
  • Coolant banjo bolts
  • Silicone coupler for turbo to charge pipe connection

This is a new bolt on turbo, not core based, and it comes with everything needed for the install. Does not work on Gen 2 (2016.5+) 1.4L Chevy Cruze.

You will re-use your stock oil feed line and will need to be slightly bent; take care in bending. You will re-use your stock oil drain, however they break easily so we recommend replacing, we carry them here

How to order: First option is going to determine which silicone coupler you receive with your turbo kit. If you have a stock intercooler kit on your car you will choose "Stock Intercooler". If you have a ZZP intercooler kit on your car (full kit including charge pipes, not just the intercooler) you will choose "ZZP Intercooler". The second option determines which downpipe you will receive, the downpipes are specific to the Sonic or the Cruze. 


  • Compressor inducer: 43mm 
  • Compressor exducer: 59mm 
  • Turbine inducer: 50mm
  • Turbine exducer: 43.50mm 

This turbo is designed, machined, inspected and assembled in house at ZZPerformance in Wyoming, MI. The down-pipe/mid-pipe is bent on our mandrel bender and welded by our fabricators here in Wyoming, MI. Turbo castings are made by ZZP China. 

6.23.22 - Initial release is for the Chevy Sonic only. Cruze version coming soon. 

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