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ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump

Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump

Real world testing shows that at 60PSI our pump flows approximately 20% to 30% more fuel than a stock pump at the same pressure. At higher pressures, the difference is even greater, making our high flow pump a great choice when running boost levels over 15 pounds. This ZZP 350 pump is larger than stock and will draw more current than the stock unit, therefore the fuel pump rewire that we offer is highly recommended. This pump is E85 compliant, however will not flow enough for large E85 builds. In those cases, we would suggest the AEM E85 fuel pump instead. 

Venturi option allows you to keep the Venturi pump found in many supercharged applications. The Venturi pump is basically a second pump that is just there to keep the canister that the fuel pump resides in full of fuel. This eliminates the fuel pump from running dry around corners or under full throttle runs. This is 97-99 GTP only, some 2000 GTPs will also be Venturi, but we have seen 2000s with and without the Venturi style canister. 

L36 cars must purchase the standard pump or purchase a used 97-99 L67 canister and that will allow the use of the Venturi port. 

97-00 supercharged cars will want the venturi style pump, the 01+ supercharged and 97+ NA fuel canisters will not need the Venturi style pump.

As with our other electrical items, we do not accept returns on this product.



Q: How long will it take to install this?

A: It is a 3 hour job for an experienced mechanic.

Q: Is this fuel pump plug and play?

A: No, due to these cars coming with a wide variety of canisters that the pumps sit in each job will require about an hour of customization work.

Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
Fueling - ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump
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  • Kyle
United States United States
Great pump and price.

I bought the fuel pump and the rewire kit. Good pump, very easy to install. The same is said for their rewire kit. ZZP has great 3800 parts and Kyle always answers my questions very fast. Starting a GTP build and will definitely get most of my parts from them.

United States United States
Was sent a faulty pump along with a few other issues

so I installed the pump and it took no more than 1 week before I started noticing issues with fuel pressure drop at wot, contacted zzp about the issue and was told it was more than likely an installation issue so I reviewed my work and found that the corrugated hose sent with the kit was indeed too long and kinks when it is compressed into the tank via the springs on the canister so I had to roughly measure the distance between the pump and canister when compressed in the tank and cut accordingly. This fixed the issue for about another week then the pump started having issues again. Went ahead and bought an aem pump and am in the process of figuring out the length I need to cut from the pump to canister to prevent kinking and also have it not sit so high that it starves of fuel.

Wesley H.
United States United States
Nice fuel pump

Overall it went really well and wasn’t that hard to get the pump into my canister everything was pretty straight forward car cranked right up and runs and drives better

United States United States
Quality part

Fast accurate service Helpful in trying Figure out multiple problems with my 3800

ZZPerformance ZZP350 In-Tank Fuel Pump Review
Jacob B.
Great fuel pump

I put it in my supercharged 2000 Grand Prix GT and it works great. As far as I know, it just replaces the stock one so I re used the assembly. Haven’t had issues yet. Has a nice heavy feeling to it, so it feels like quality. Was relatively easy to change, given the trunk hatch.