Build Sheet For a L67 Series II Supercharged Car

Oct 12, 2011

The following is a build up for a stock supercharged car that will bolt on about 50hp and add around 2+ MPG. You must add a bolt in the ZZP downpipe or UBend Delete to make the list below safe. If you have a 04+ Supercharged Monte Carlo or Impala, then you would want to run a .1 larger supercharger pulley than a 97-03 supercharged car.

  Alternator Voltage Booster       Model: Stage 1
  High flow fuel filter       Model: ZZP unit 
  ZZP Modular Pulley System

      Size: 3.4

      Color: Black 

  Serpentine belts        Size:658 (replaces 660) 
  NGK Spark Plugs       Model:TR6 


      Option 1:add thermostat gasket


  Wizaired Cold Air Induction System

      Model: Standard

      Option 1:Add 4 inch K&N filter

  ZZP 1.0 PCM

      Year of your car: select year Model: XXXXX

      Core charge: I am sending in my PCM first

      Option 1:none selected

      Option 2:stock gearing

      Option 3:stock injectors

      Option 4:none selected


You can also look into our Stage 1 and 2 Performance Packages under Products/Performance packages, and if you would like to take it one step further, here are some more options:


  1.9 ratio modified rockers       Core charge:Refundable core charge 
  Water Pump Underdrive Pulley  
  Alternator Pulleys       Model:Underdrive 
  Fuel Pump Reqire Kit *Gen2  
  L67 High Velocity Throttle Body

      Year of your car:97/98 OR 99+

      Model:Stage 1

      Core charge:I’m sending in my TB first



TIP: You should not run rockers and a camshaft, instead you would want to run just one or the other. Rockers give up to 20hp, but a VS cam will give about 35-40hp. A XP camshaft would give about 45-50hp.Email us for larger build sheets.