How To: Supercharge a NA L36 Car (ZZP ssm90 Kit)

Oct 12, 2011

Here is a complete list of what is needed (cores included):


Highly recommended:

  • ZZP downpipe (pretty much required)
  • Stock or Ported stage 1 L67 throttle body. (better performance than using a L36 TB, but must be programmed into the PCM)
  • 180 thermostat
  • Possibly a bigger fuel pump, if needed.  (Scanning or dynoing the car when done is highly recommend, to make sure the setup is going to last.)



  • If you are planning on running your stock injectors you should select a 4.2” pulley.
  • If you are going to run the L67 or larger injectors, you can run a 4.0” pulley.
  • If you add more supporting mods, please email us for recommended pulley sizes.
  • Remember L36 bottom ends are higher compression, so you will have to run a pulley .3 larger than a standard L67 car, BUT you will make the same power.


L36 SS M90 Install Kit
VIN: xxxYourVinHerexxx
Year of your car:1999
Model: Grand Prix
Option 1:Coil adapter & iron bracket
Option 2:Send me a PCM first $100 deposit
Option 3:I am going to run GTP injectors  


Ported & machined lower intake(suggested)
Engine: Gen 3 blower (L67)
Model: SS intake for L36 M90 conversion
Core charge: Refundable core
Option 1:Add Intake Gasket
Option 2:top machining only  




ZZP billet fuel logs(suggested)
Model:L36 SS M90 kit
Color: Clear logs
Option 1:Fuel Lab Blue regulator  


33# GM injectors(suggested)
Option 1:None selected  


Ported M90 Supercharger(suggested)
Year of your car:98+
Core charge: Complete blower core
Option 1:Mod’d for use on SS L36 kit
Option 2:7 oz of GM s/c oil  

$200.00 -$225.00 

Fuel Pump rewire kit(suggested)


Alternator Voltage Booster(suggested)
Model: Stage 1  


Modular pulleys(suggested)
Size: 4.0 for SS kit **MAX SIZE 3.8**
Color: Black or Clear


Sub Total:  $1309-$1484.95