LNF Top 5 Mods

Jul 29, 2019

GM Stage 1 Map Sensors & LNF PCM Tune: For the first mod you're going to want to get our GM Stage 1 Map Sensors. You connect them up with the pigtail adapters that we send you and get your PCM too. This will give you about 50 to 60 more wheel horsepower and about 80 more foot-pounds of torque. 

Cold Air Intake: If you can, number one and two should really be done at the same time, but if you have to wait until after then this second one is the one you can hold off on. There's a lot of different intakes on the market, but the two we suggest are the K&N Cold Air Intake and the ZZP 3.25. You will be able to use these throughout most of your building depending on what your horsepower goals are. This will also give you that great turbo sound. 

Intercooler: For this mod our LNF intercooler package is the way to go. Our replacement is cheaper and we also offer an increased clearance and a standard version. With the package you're going to get a bolt on kit that replaces your upper and lower charge pipes and front mount intercooler. In addition to the intercoolers package we also have a blow-off valve flange option.

Downpipe: You will definitely want to get a downpipe on your vehicle, and a good choice for that is the LNF Stainless Downpipe. The advantages of this will be improved exhaust gas flow which will in turn lead to more power. 

ACDelco Plugs: For the LNF you aren't going to want to run any other plug than this one. 

We have a bunch of different options for you to get your PCM tuned as well. One option is a new PCM core charge where we will send you a brand new ECU that's yours to keep, and we have a refundable ECU core charge as well. We also have the refundable ECU and TCU core charge that allows us to send you a pre tune set of PCM cores. 

Check out the video on Youtube for more.