3800 Naturally Aspirated Top 5 Mods

Sep 4, 2019


1.0 PCM: Modified fueling and timing for added performance. Adjusted PCM shift points, your up shifts and downshifts will be later, making the car feel and response more like a performance vehicle. These cars come with quite boring transmission files, so this is a must if you want that sporty feel, while keeping your drive-ability and good gas mileage.


Air intake (K&N Drop in filter or our full cold air intake): The drop in filter suits you pretty well if you have a 1999 or newer, as the OEM air box flows much better. But no matter the year, our full intake kit will give you the best performance gains. This will gain your motor pulling air from colder area, wide open flow, and that throaty wide open throttle intake sound we all love.


Downpipe: We recommend the 2.5" for NA set ups. Between the catted or off road pipe, you won't have any power difference, it just comes down to where you drive the car and your preference on volume.


HV3: Our HV3 picks up about 9 horsepower at the peak, but really shines at the top of your RPM, where you can pick up 15 horsepower around 6,000. This is usually at the point where 3800 motors fall off from factory. GT1 cam's can show around 25whp gains, and the GT2/larger gets even more.


Rockers Arms or Camshafts: Rockers are great as a quick and easy mod, and you can expect to gain 7-10 horsepower. A cam is more involved, but has far more gains.


Forced Induction: Our Supercharger Kit, which uses a lot of L67 components for your L36, will give you all the fun of a supercharger out of your factory non-supercharged car. Second, you could go for a ZZP turbo kit. We offer a Z3 Turbo Kit, which is a smaller turbo set up, for fast spooling, and easy on the wallet. Next up we have the Stattama Turbo Kit, for the big dogs looking to make 500+ wheel horsepower.


Check out the video on YouTube for more.