Building a Track Proof Sonic RS

Apr 15, 2020





Sonic RS Hatchback (2nd GEN)

Chassis Code: Gamma



Engine: 1.4T

Tune: ZZP Mustang Dyno Tune / ZZP Remote Tune. A tune is your best bet to waking up the untapped power in your car, and getting the most out of your mods. You can know you're making safe, reliable peak power with our expert tuners closely watching over all the parameters inside of your build.


Intake: ZZP Cold Air Intake. Awesome look, durable powder coat, and everything included to install in about 30 minutes. This is an easy entry into modifying your car. Most people are more than satisfied with the 5-15hp gains and the very noticeable bypass valve sounds you'll be hearing.


Exhaust: ZZP Full ExhaustThis comes as a complete exhaust system from the turbo back. All of the items that come in this kit are also available separately.


Intercooler: ZZP Intercooler KitThis Intercooler package will add power by simply keeping the charge temps down. The stock intercooler is fine for a few seconds until it heat soaks, then the power will decline rapidly.


Fueling: ZZP Flex Fuel Kit / 60# InjectorsThis product will connect inline with your fuel line and it will be constantly monitoring the fuels ethanol percentage and then sending a signal to the PCM. With our ZZP Tune setup for this kit, it will allow you to run any mix of e85/premium gasoline and the PCM will adjust the fueling, timing, and boost specifically for it. Fuel demand will depend on your turbo set up, but our experts can help set you up with correct injector sizing at


Springs: 72# Valve Springs.The Sonic and Cruze comes with very light valve springs from the factory. Whenever you bump the rev limiter and/or boost the valve springs will start to float. This is bad for a few different reasons, it is hard on the valves/valve seats themselves, and it reduces power because the valves are not opening and closing properly like they should. 



Turbocharger: ZZP Big Wheel Turbo V3This is our third revision of our simple bolt on larger upgraded turbo for your 1.4L turbo Cruze/Sonic. After extensive R&D testing with the stock frame we discovered that the outlet going from the head/manifold to the exhaust side of the turbo was THE restriction. We have increased the inside diameter in that "penny choke" area resulting in a 50% larger AR, going from .40 to .60. This is a new bolt on turbo, not core based, and it comes with everything needed for the install. 



Front Brakes: ZZP 12" front big brake kit. An easy-install Big Brake Kit, with 12" rotors and twin piston aluminum calipers. Not ready for a full BBK? We offer upgraded replacement parts to fit the stock assembly too: ZZP Drilled and Slotted Rotors / Power Stop Pads / Hawk Pads


Rear Brakes: ZZP Sonic Disc Conversion Kit. Drum Breaks? YUCK. This is an extremely affordable kit to update your braking power, a huge improvement over stock without sacrificing your E Brake. Plus, they look sweet.


Arms: ZZP Tubular Front Control Arms. Chrome Moly A Arms for better camber and toe control, your car will corner, brake, and launch much better.


End Links: ZZP Adjustable End Links. Your stock end links on a sonic are plastic. This is unacceptable for anyone interested in any fashion of spirited driving. These also enable you to correct preload or custom preload your sway bar on a lowered car. These are thicker, steel, and very durable for long lasting handling.


Shifter: ZZP Shifter Bushings. These are designed to replace your rubber shifter assembly base bushings with solid aluminum ones. It is one more mod to help eliminate some of the loose feeling shifter of your manual trans car.


Cable Clamp: ZZP Shifter Cable Clamp. This billet aluminum piece will reinforce your rubber shifter end. It easily installs without causing any damage to your factory shifter cable end. It will give your shifter a more positive/tight feel, it will help with shifting.


Sway Bars: ZZP Rear Bar. As you improve the ability of your car to stick to the road, you will notice an increase in body roll (or sway/lean). This is where a stiffer/larger sway bar setup becomes beneficial. 


Shock/Spring: ZZP Coilovers. These are an awesome mod to get full adjustment in your ride height, stiffness, and camber, and more! Coilovers are for those who want to go the extra mile with their build. However, the ZZP Lowering Springs are a great budget friendly option if cost is your priority.


Worried about what order you should be modifying your car?

Tim has nicely laid out a flush guideline for the best order of operations when modifying any 1.4L Cruze or Sonic here:

Still hungry for more info on mods?

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