The Revival Of Ryan Graham’s LSJ

Oct 4, 2016

With the WannaGoFast ½ mile around the corner, Ryan Graham is in the process of reviving his LSJ-T. The first day Ryan raced his LSJ-T he broke the record for the fastest LSJ Supercharged Cobalt and held the title for 3 years.

Ryan’s LSJ-T is recognized as being the 1st cobalt with an auto trans conversion (4T65e), the 1st LSJ twincharged (supercharged & turbocharged), and the highest horsepower LSJ turbo!  Ryan currently holds the record for the fastest ½ mile LSJ Cobalt at 177mph, and is known to have run multiple 9 second passes, with 898 horsepower to wheels (which was achieved with parts that are currently available to our customers). Ryan G.’s LSJ-T will have a new AEM Infinity, larger intercooler, Borg Warner EFR turbo, prototype head gasket, newly refreshed engine and fuel pump assembly for this ½ mile race. 





ZZP Racing Short Block

ZZP Girdled Gen3 Block

ZZP Forged & Coated Pistons for LSJ

ECOTEC 4340 Connecting Rods


ECOTEC Ported Head

ECOTEC 2.0L/2.4L Rod Bearings

ECOTEC Main Bearings

Neutral Balance Shafts

Oversized Aluminum Radiator



Transmission & Drivetrain



Rotated Front Trans Mount

Rotated Rear Trans Mount

F40 Race Clutch Assembly with Clutch Masters Twin Disc

Fidanza Replacement Friction Kit

Shifter Cables

LSJ Revised Shifter Bracket

Adjustable Clutch Rod for Cobalt

F40 6 Speed Conversion Kit



Camshafts & Valvetrain



LSJ Performance Cams Stage III Reverse Split

Supertech Valve Spring Kits



Air Intake



New LNF/LHU Throttle Body



Turbo Parts & Kits

LSJ Turbo Complete Swap Kit

Ecotec Stainless Turbo Manifold

TIAL Blow Off Valve

Precision 46MM Wastegate

ZZP Turbo Swap Intake

ECOTEC Turbo Downpipe




Turbo LSJ Intercooler Package




2150 CC INJ




NGK V Power Spark Plugs For LSJ – 4644 BKR7ES